Remote Learning Student Guidelines


ABRSD Student Guidelines for Remote Learning with Video Conferencing Tools

While schools are closed your teachers/educators may provide the opportunity for virtual meetings via Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Zoom, or other video conferencing tools. Participating in video conferences is a great way to stay connected with your educators and classmates, but it is important for you to follow these rules and guidelines. NOTE: only educators can initiate Google Meet/Hangout calling, and only educators can video record the calls. Video recordings may be archived by the ABSchools administrator.

  1. Remember that you are on camera and live. Your educator and fellow students can see what you are wearing and your facial expression. Find a quiet place in your house. Dress appropriately, following school dress codes. 

  2. You are not anonymous. Be mindful of your expressions, speaking tones, and what you say. Your voice and video are viewed by everyone participating in the conference. Other people in your house can hear what you and others in the video conference are saying.

  3. Follow the same classroom rules that you would follow in real life. Listen to the teacher. Take turns to speak. Be kind and considerate.

  4. Think before you speak. Stay on topic. Make sure your comments are clear and appropriate to the conversation. Don’t say anything you wouldn't say in your actual classroom.

  5.  Be a good listener. Take the time to listen to what people are saying. Don’t interrupt others.

  6. Think before you type. If your educator enables the Chat feature you may be able to participate by typing into a chat box. Choose your words carefully. Use appropriate spelling and grammar. Stay on topic. Don’t use sarcasm or humor that could be misunderstood. Don’t type in all caps.

  7. Take it slow. Remote learning is probably a new experience for you. Resist the impulse to be silly or to say or type the first thing that comes into your mind. 

  8. Video conferencing is a privilege. If you cannot use it responsibly your access to school managed video conferencing tools will be removed.

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