The Acton-Boxborough Regional School District (ABRSD) is a comprehensive PreK-12 school system serving the communities of Acton and Boxborough, located about 20 miles northwest of Boston.  The Acton-Boxborough mission is to develop engaged, well-balanced learners through collaborative caring relationships. The Acton and Boxborough communities strongly support excellence in public education and are truly dedicated to instilling a passion for learning in our students. The district prioritizes students’ social and emotional well-being while supporting students to excel academically and through extensive and diverse extra-curricular opportunities. Serving 5,700 students, the district is comprised of nine schools including the Carol Huebner early childhood program, six elementary schools, one junior high school, and one high school. The towns of Acton and Boxborough are deliberate choices for residents and educators seeking the best educational opportunities.


Peter Light 

Superintendent of Schools

Peter Light joined Acton-Boxborough as the Superintendent of Schools in July of 2018.  Peter works closely with the Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee and leads work with the district’s senior leadership team that includes the school principals and district leaders.  Some of Peter’s primary responsibilities include the development and implementation of the District’s Strategy for Improvement as well as the development of the District’s annual operating and capital budgets.

Contact Peter Light: [email protected] 


Marie Altieri, M.Ed.

Deputy Superintendent

Under the leadership of Marie Altieri, the Human Resources Department directs the recruitment, hiring, evaluation of all staff, and placement of substitute teachers. Ms. Altieri also oversees the enrollment and placement of students, the kindergarten lottery, and wait-lists.  For more information, please view the Human Resources section.  Ms. Altieri can be reached by email.

Contact Marie Altieri: [email protected] 


Deborah Bookis, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

Serving as the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Deborah works with staff to implement the MA curriculum frameworks. This includes supporting educators’ delivery and understanding of the standards through collaborative long-range and short-range planning, learning of content, reflection on practice, assessment, and implementation of instructional practices. Dr. Bookis is also responsible for professional learning, including the Beginning Teachers Support Program and research and development, entitlement and competitive grants, and homeschooling.

Contact Deb Bookis: [email protected]  


David Verdolino

Director of Finance

Overseeing the Finance department, David Verdolino and his team are responsible for the management of the financial processes of the school system, including budget, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, grants, gifts, and the collection of fees.

Contact David Verdolino: [email protected] 


Jennifer Truslow

Director of Special Education

Jennifer joined Acton-Boxborough in July, 2021.  The district offers a continuum of specialized services for students with disabilities for students in preschool through age 22 during the school year and in our extended school year programming.  The distinct provides special education and related services including speech/language therapy, Physical and Occupational therapy, psychology and counseling services, orientation and mobility services, vision services, deaf and hard of hearing services, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) consultation, and assistive technology.  

Contact Jennifer Truslow: [email protected]


Andrew Shen

Director of Special Projects 

Andrew joins the Superintendent's Office in 2021 after serving as the Principal of RJ Grey Junior High from 2012-2021.  His work as Director of Special Projects encompasses a range of district-wide initiatives that include strategic communication with the community and within the District, as well as supporting the District's attention to incorporating data and data analysis in its commitment to equitable opportunities and outcomes in terms of student learning. Andrew also serves as the Records Access Officer (RAO) for Acton-Boxborough.  

Contact Andrew Shen: [email protected] 


Amy Bisiewicz

Director of Educational Technology

Amy started her career with the Boston Public Schools’ Office of Instructional and Information Technology where she helped to support the “One-to-One Wireless Learning Initiative,” a city-wide collaboration project led by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. She went on to receive the James Bryant Conant Fellowship from BPS and received her Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s “Technology, Innovation, and Education Program” in 2008.  Arriving to AB in 2010, Amy continues to support emerging technologies that increase student engagement and enhance learning.  She promotes a balanced approach to technology use for all and works with educators and families to help build healthy relationships with our devices, social media outlets, and gaming platforms.  

Contact Amy Bisiewicz: [email protected] 


J.D. Head

Director of School Operations

Under the leadership of JD Head, the school Operations department manages and maintains all facilities and grounds, as well as, the transportation department, capital planning and construction, and the ABRSD carbon footprint as a whole. All of the staff aim to deliver excellence in managing resources and in supporting the learning environment of our students and faculty.  JD Head can be reached by email at [email protected] You can follow the Department on Twitter @ABfacilities. For more information on School Operations at AB, click here.


Erin Bettez

Director of Community Education

Under the direction of Erin Bettez, Acton-Boxborough Community Education program provides an array of classes, programs, and unique opportunities to learn something new about the community, our world, and/or ourselves. This impressive organization is a wonderful part of our district team and extends the richness that our school system provides to the greater community. The district encourages members of the public to explore all of the great programs included in each season's Interaction catalog. For more information about AB Community Ed, click here.

Email Erin Bettez: [email protected] 

Beth Petr

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and School Committee

As the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and the Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee, Beth Petr strives to support our mission to prepare all students to attain their full potential as life-long learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens of our diverse community and global society. Beth Petr can be reached by email: [email protected]



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